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Chiou, Katherine L. and Christine A. Hastorf

2014 A Systematic Approach to Species-Level Identification of Chile Pepper (Capsicum spp.) Seeds: Establishing the Groundwork for Tracking the Domestication and Movement of Chile Peppers through the Americas and Beyond. Economic Botany. TBA

Available here:


Chiou, Katherine L., Christine A. Hastorf, Duccio Bonavia, and Tom D. Dillehay

2014 Documenting Cultural Selection Pressure Changes on Chile Pepper (Capsicum baccatum L.) Seed Size Through Time in Coastal Peru (7,600 B.P.-Present). Economic Botany. 68:190-202.

Available here:


Cuthrell, R. Q.

2014    Archaeobotany of Early Agriculture: Macrobotany (Seeds, Charcoal, Parenchyma). In Smith, C. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology. Springer Science+Business Media, New York.


Cuthrell, R. Q.

2014    Acorn Use in California. In Chevalier, A., E. Marinova, and L. Peña-Chocarro (eds.) Plants and People: Choices and Diversity through Time. pp. 150-155. European Science Foundation, Early Agricultural Remnants and Technical Heritage Program. Oxbow Books, Oxford.


Morell-Hart, Shanti, Rosemary A. Joyce, and John S. Henderson.

2014    Multi-Proxy Analysis of Plant Use at Formative Period Los Naranjos, Honduras. Latin American Antiquity 25(1): 65-81


Chatters, James C., Douglas J. Kennett, Yemane Asmerom, Brian M. Kemp, Victor Polyak, Alberto Nava Blank, Patricia A. Beddows, Eduard Reinhardt, Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales, Deborah A. Bolnick, Ripan S. Malhi, Brendan J. Culleton, Pilar Luna Erreguerena, Dominique Rissolo, Shanti Morell-Hart, and Thomas W. Stafford

2014  Late Pleistocene Human Skeleton and mtDNA Link Paleoamericans and Modern Native Americans. Science 344(6185): 750–754.


Chiou, Katherine L., Anita G. Cook, and Christine A. Hastorf

2013 Flotation Versus Dry-Sieving Archaeobotanical Remains: A Case History from the Middle Horizon Southern Coast of Peru. Journal of Field Archaeology. 38:38-53. 

Available here:


Cuthrell, R. Q.

2013    An Eco-Archaeological Study of Late Holocene Indigenous Foodways and Landscape Management Practices at Quiroste Valley Cultural Preserve, San Mateo County, California. Ph.D. dissertation, Anthropology Department, University of California, Berkeley.


Cuthrell, R. Q.

2013    Archaeobotanical evidence for indigenous burning practices and foodways at CA-SMA-113. California Archaeology 5(2):265-290.


Cuthrell, R. Q.

2013    Macrobotanical Analysis of Soil Samples from the 2011 Excavations at El Polin Springs, El Presidio de San Francisco, San Francisco County, California. 21 pp. Report prepared for the Presidio Archaeology Lab, Presidio Trust, San Francisco, California. On file at the Presidio Archaeology Lab.


Cuthrell, R. Q.

2013    Macrobotanical Analysis of Adobe Bricks from the Officer’s Club, El Presidio de San Francisco, San Francisco County, California. 36 pp. Report prepared for the Presidio Archaeology Lab, Presidio Trust, San Francisco, California. On file at the Presidio Archaeology Lab.


Cuthrell, R. Q., M. G. Hylkema, and L. Collins

2013    Natural resources, geomorphology, and archaeology of site CA-SMA-113 in Quiroste Valley Cultural Preserve, California. California Archaeology 5(2):247-264.


Evett, R. R. and R. Q. Cuthrell

2013    Phytolith evidence for a grass-dominated prairie landscape at Quiroste Valley on the Central Coast of California. California Archaeology 5(2):319-335.


Fine, P. V. A., T. M. Misiewicz, A. S. Chavez, and R. Q. Cuthrell

2013    Population genetic structure of California hazelnut, an important food source for people in Quiroste Valley in the Late Holocene. California Archaeology 5(2):353-370.


Hylkema, M. G. and R. Q. Cuthrell.

2013    An archaeological and historical view of Quiroste tribal genesis. California Archaeology 5(2):225-245.


Lightfoot, K. G., R. Q. Cuthrell, C. M. Boone, R. Byrne, A. S. Chavez, L. Collins, A. Cowart, R. R. Evett, P. V. A. Fine, D. Gifford-Gonzalez, M. G. Hylkema, V. Lopez, T. M. Misiewicz, and R. E. B. Reid.

2013    Anthropogenic burning on the Central California Coast in Late Holocene and Early Historical times: Findings, implications, and future directions. California Archaeology 5(2):371-390.


Lightfoot, K. G., R. Q. Cuthrell, C. J. Striplen and M. G. Hylkema.

2013    Rethinking the study of landscape management practices among hunter-gatherers in North America. American Antiquity 78(2):285-301.


Lightfoot, K. G., P. Nelson, R. A. Jewett, R. Q. Cuthrell, P. Mondragon, N.  Tripcevich and S. L. Gonzalez.

2013    The Archaeological Investigation of McCabe Canyon, Pinnacles National Park. Report prepared for the National Park Service. On file at Pinnacles National Park. 


Rodriguez, Erin and Christine Hastorf

2013 Calculating ceramic vessel volume: an assessment of methods, Antiquity 87(338): 1182-1190.


Cuthrell, R. Q., C. Striplen, M. Hylkema and K. G. Lightfoot.

2012    A Land of Fire: Anthropogenic Burning on the Central Coast of California. In Jones, T. and J. Perry (eds.) Contemporary Issues in California Archaeology, pp.153-172. Left Coast Press, Inc., Walnut Creek, California.


Cane, R., R. Q. Cuthrell, M. Sayre, K. Soluri, and C. Hastorf.

2012    The Life of Building 3 through Plant Use: the Macrobotanical Evidence of Neolithic Dwelling from the BACH Excavations, 1997-2003. In Tringham, R. and M. Stevanovic (eds.), Last House on the Hill: BACH Area Reports from Catalhoyuk, Turkey, pp. 269-295. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, Los Angeles, California.


Logan, Amanda, Christine Hastorf, and Deborah Pearsall

2012 “Let’s Drink Together”: Early Ceremonial Use Of Maize In The Titicaca Basin, Latin American Antiquity, 23(3):235-258.


Langlie, BrieAnna S., Christine A. Hastorf, Maria C. Bruno, Marc Bermann, Renée M. Bonzani and William Castellón Condarco

2011 Diversity in Andean Chenopodium Domestication: Describing A New Morphological Type From La Barca, Bolivia 1300-1250 B.C. Journal of Ethnobiology 31(1): 72–88.


Moore, Katherine, Maria Bruno, Jose Capriles, and Christine Hastorf

2010 Integrated Contextual Approaches to Understanding Past Activities Using Plant and Animal Remains from Kala Uyuni, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, In A.M. Van Der Warker and T.M. Peres (eds.), Integrating Zooarchaeology and Paleoethnobotany: A Consideration of Issues, Methods, and Cases, Springer Science, pp. 1-35.


Cuthrell, R. Q., C. Striplen, and K. Lightfoot

2009    Exploring indigenous landscape management at Quiroste Valley: The archaeological approach. News from Native California 22(3).


Lightfoot, K., C. Striplen, and R. Q. Cuthrell.

2009    The collaborative research program at Quiroste Valley. News from Native California 22(2).


Hastorf, Christine A., William T. Whitehead, Maria C. Bruno, and Melanie Wright

 2006 The movements of maize into Middle Horizon Tiwanaku, Bolivia, In Histories of Maize: Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Prehistory, Biogeography, Domestication, and Evolution of Maize, edited by John Staller, Robert Tykot, and Bruce Benz, Elsevier, San Diego, pp. 429-448.


Hastorf, Christine A., William T. Whitehead and Sissel Johannessen.

2006 Late Prehistoric Wood Use in an Andean Intermontane Valley, Economic Botany 59, 337-355.


Coil, James, M. Alejandra Korstanje, Steven Archer and Christine A. Hastorf

2003 Laboratory goals and considerations for multiple microfossil extraction in archaeology, Journal of Archaeological Science 30: 991-1008.

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